Can’t Miss

Posting a blogday commemorative at a quarter of ten on the last day of winter break and after a particularly slow blogyear feels like the felicitations equivalent of realizing on the way home from work that it’s your kid’s ninth birthday and stopping by Circle K to pick up–surprise!–as gifts a small cherry slush and a Slim Jim. Nevertheless. Earth Wide Moth is nine, and that still matters around here. “Here” meaning the blog. May the blogpace quicken–or at the very least stay its measured speed–over the months to come.

Pinata before the BOOM!




A second consecutive Halloween spent in Saint Clair Shores: up Yale Ave., down the next block to the south, cross the street, pursue the lit houses. is. masqueraded as a pixie this year. Or a fairy. Whichever, she was much bolder about marching up to people’s doors and asking for their best stuff, much surer about the hallowed protocols.