After Caffeine

Today makes three decaffeinated weeks. Well, besides two Cokes (one in
a restaurant, the other on Sunday with lunch). I can’t say that I’ve
noticed a remarkable pickup in my productivity, but neither have I melted into a
Caffeine Free puddle of lethargic goop, so that’s promising. I suppose it
helps that I’ve been exercising, too, steadily aching through

Power 90
six days a week and playing ball when I can catch a break around
classes and reading. Basketball didn’t go well last week (felt like a
benchwarmer for the Atlanta Hawks bumbling around out there), but the P-90
program worked miracles when I kept at it for four months back in ’02. Now
it’s are-there-any-muscles-left? overdue. Also, with the exercise,
I sleep soundly. At the rate I was going last semester, I would have
required vice grips to close my eyelids at night. Rest, intermitzzz.
Forget cliches about burning the candle; I was so juiced on caffeine some days
that I was burning…I don’t know. Something. But I’m back now.
If the blog goes dull or altogether blanks out for weeks at a time, I think I’ve
got a danm good excuse.