Took in Is.’s first gymnastics class at Splitz in Canton. Followed that with lunch at Ginger, a nearby Pan-Asian place. And then we drove over to St. Clair Shores this afternoon; later had dinner and trick-or-treated with my brother’s family near 11 Mile and Little Mack. Fortunately, there were no fires to put out on our three-block route, which we walked through conditions that gave every impression tomorrow begins November. Back in Ypsilanti now, wondering when I want to spend this weekend’s free hour and watching the Pistons, who trail the Milwaukee Bucks by seven points in the 4th quarter. Announcers keep saying “Brandon Jennings, Brandon Jennings.”


  1. Yep, it was a nice time–blustery, but dry. And we encountered only two or three scary characters: a terrifying wolf man and a mummy (who happened to be running along the sidewalk toward us).

  2. Very cute firefighter, hope all is well.

    Are you getting comments on Syracuse losing the other night in basketball?
    Take Care

  3. Nobody’s said anything to me about it. Anyway, it’s preseason, so the loss is no big deal. And SU lost several of their best players to NBA draft declarations last spring, so they might be down this year. It’s nice for LeMoyne to stoke the local rivalry with a preseason win, but SU will still be a top-25 team this year, I’d predict.

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