•  I’m a few days off pace for blogging every day in October. Try NaBloWriMo in MoNov? MoDec?
  • News re: haunting: Is. will dress up as a _________ for Halloween.
  • On second thought, it’s a surprise. She has planned and practiced a trick in case any jokesters withhold the good candy. Or in case insiders announce her costume choice prematurely.
  • I don’t know what Ph. will dress as. Unforgettable haunted houses in Kansas City, anyway.
  • Talking midterm evaluation trends, Queneau on style, Project Three setup, and Pollan as example, and V. Tufte’s “Short Sentences” (for Monday) in ENGL328. Good, if overcaffeinated, session at 2 p.m. Better at 5 p.m.?
  • That’s become a pattern, by the way: the 2 p.m. section gets the raw that is by 5 p.m. cooked.
  • By tomorrow at this time, perhaps I will have fixed the unrecoverable OS problem.
  • Perhaps not.