And Adult

Ph. turns 18 today. Among my many feelings on this day: That was

I’ve blogged most of his teenage birthdays. You’ll see those entries
listed over at the right, in the Yesterblog (the On This Day in EWM History
feature). And I suppose this entry marks the conclusion of Ph. birthday-blogging,
enjoyable though the practice has been. I mean, adult children can blog their
own birthdays.

To make this celebratory entry stand tall among the others, I had to dig for
a few minutes in the photo album, dredge up a couple of photos that, for me
anyway, span (or somehow thematically encapsulate) Ph.’s childhood. Chose

1.) Giddy-up: this one is from when Ph. was about four years old, when my mom
took him to ride the ponies at some ranch near Raytown, Mo. Apparently
they made a fine time of it. Yes, those are leather chaps.

2.) Scorching the Tiffany Springs nets: here, Ph. is drilling a ball past me
on one of the many, many extended shoot-arounds we enjoyed at the Tiffany
Springs fields just north of Kansas City (bordering on the south edge of MCI
airport). I’d guess he was eight or nine in this photo–the days when we’d hang
around at the field until long after everyone else had (sensibly) gone home.


  1. Give Phillip all my best from a fellow 3/21 birthday-er. And congrats dad on making it this far, but as I am sure you figure, 18 is just a number in the annals of parenting, not a true beginning or ending! Best to all.

  2. Congratulations to Ph (and to you)! It does go by quickly. Those pictures are wonderful reminders of how wonderful he is. 🙂 Best to you both.

  3. From the looks of the photos, I’d say that he had a swell childhood. That first photo is priceless–what a happy smile he wears. Happy birthday to son and father from your Maryland friend.

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