One Word or Two?

Help me out: web site or website? Or: Web site or Website?

This morning I was reading while the Element was having its oil changed and
its rear differential freshly gooped, and I found a few variations of web site, Website,
etc. I’m inclined to prefer "web site"–two words and lower case. What
about you?


  1. I like Web site. I think it should be two words, but I like Web as a proper noun with a cap to distinguish it from something more generic, like a spider web.

  2. If forced to come up with rationale, I suppose it would come down to handling “web site” the same way I would handle “web page.” And I know that one of the most hotly contested issues of our time is whether or not to capitalize wWeb and iInternet. The real reason I prefer the lower case because I don’t like to bother with pressing the shift key on my keyboard any more than is absolutely necessary. Plus, what’s proper about the internet?

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