Twenty-One is Aces

Remember Richard Leahy’s "Twenty
Titles for the Writer"
? A classic. Need a snappy title, revisit Leahy,
and you’ll have twenty to choose from, nineteen more than you needed.

I didn’t assign Leahy’s piece this semester (never have assigned it,
if you want to know the truth), but I did do something different with titles for
this first essay in 195. I asked students to use to come up with something.
And, while there remain a few of the usual platitudes (thankfully, nothing
innovatively spun from Prince Hamlet’s existential crisis), there are some that
kick up sparks, pique my interest, and provide that extra little nudge to read
on. Among them:

The Internet Is Not Printed On Paper
Urban Dictionary Is My Girlfriend
Learning Is Now At WWW
Answers Is On Answer Page
Literacy Is Fundamental Please Sign My Guestbook
Literacy Is Not What You Thought It Is

And now, for the rest of this rainy weekend: reading, commenting, grading.
Well, and so that I don’t become too one-track, a veggie lasagna, Is.’s first
swim lessons, and re-playing Be Kind Rewind so I can properly continue
Watson preparations for next month.