Market Meditations

A wayfarer unexpectedly encounters a tiger and so runs to get away from
it. He comes to a cliff, looks back to see the tiger in ravenous pursuit, and
left with no other choice,
leaps off the edge. Much to his temporary relief, a small ledge breaks the
treacherous fall; he clings to it, suspended more than seventy feet above the
ground. The traveler briefly regains his composure
before he realizes another hungry tiger lurks at the bottom of the cliff. He is trapped, unable to step in any direction and cornered from above and below
by predators. He looks over at a cluster of rubble and is surprised to see a delicate
strawberry plant and with it a small, bright red berry, which, with nowhere else
to turn, he happily eats while leafing through a packet of ads printed from the Job Information


  1. I read somewhere that one of the earliest versions of the parable ends with a note about the berry being poisonous. For now, I’m not going to contemplate that version.

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