H.16orn Tooting

In step with Jenny and

, whose posts have alerted me to attend their respective panels at
CCCC (although,
Scot–8 a.m.?), I thought I should take advantage of the opportunity to promote yet
another session at the upcoming convention. So, where should you be at 11:00
a.m. next Friday, April 4? Why, in the Elmwood Room on the Third Floor of
the Hilton Riverside in N.O., of course, for H.16 Digital Research Ecologies:
How Journal Web Sites Are Answering New Media’s Challenges.

Do you need more encouragement? So be it. Here I give you the title slide
from my talk.

More still?

We are presenting in room #12, not far from the swimming pool, which means
you could bring your towel for a dip before or after the talk (or to hold over
your mouth as an ad hoc filter for those sharp, chest-stabbing whiffs of
chlorine). If, on the other hand, you skip the H sessions to go swimming, we
will see you as we walk by, and perhaps even bear a small, short-lived grudge.
Heh, I’m kidding about that last part. Anyway, come along to H.16 and
we’ll grab lunch afterward.

there is seating enough for between 96 and 176 (depending on
whether the chairs are "classroom" or "theater" styled).


  1. I’ll be there, darn tootin’. I think that’s a photo of a switchboard I used to operate years ago at the Marjorie Webster College, a finishing school for young Washingtonian women. I was a young Washingtonian high school student who thought finishing schools were declasse and used to pretend to be Lily Tomlin’s Ernestine.

  2. Consider me there, though I’m tempted to duck out during Collin’s portion in order to steal a few laps in the pool:–)

  3. Funny, Joanna. I don’t elaborate on the shelves image much in my talk, but I like its contrast alongside the CCCOA screen-grab. I hope we have the chance to catch up for a few minutes.

    And Scot, you seem prophetic mentioning the laps in the pool during Collin’s bit. Heard from him this afternoon that he has decided not to make the trip to N.O. because of recent and rigorous bout with the flu.

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