As of today, I am no longer twice Ph.’s age. This is because he is another year older, and I am not. 17? 17! I count his catching up to me in age as reason enough to have a second cupcake with blue frosting when I get home later on. But for the fact that I am in the WC all day today–and booked solidly with consulting appointments (more on that later?), I would post a photo of Ph. when he was just a tyke. May he have a happy birthday all the same, even if I don’t amp up the frivolity with a humiliating childhood photo.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ph! From another 3/21 birthday girl.

    I hope y’all are doing something fun this weekend — even in the freezing weather.


  2. I, for one, refuse to acknowledge getting older. Isn’t it just the kids that get older? Hard to believe that Ph. has gotten to 17. I still think of him running around the house in his Barney pjs, singing the Barney song, sleeping in the Barney bed. Ah, the good ol’ days!

  3. Barney PJs, Lisa? Those aren’t memories; that happened this morning!

    Tks, Susan. I will pass along the birthday wishes, since Ph. is an infrequent visitor to E.W.M. these days.

    And H.B., Jen. Fun weekend? Not the most festive I’ve ever known, but not bad all in all.

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