Whiling Away

Now that it’s Thursday I’m beginning to feel like I’ve whiled away the week.
I expected to take all week putting an end on Chapter Four, but I lazily
splashed the finishing words on it Tuesday–two full days ahead of schedule. The
final sentence goes "Need another sentence here." I will come up with the
missing sentence before I double the line spacing and print a copy. And
then there’ll be one more wave of revithargy (a blend of revising and lethargy
or drained recomposing) before handing it over.

About whiling away the week: the last two days my work sessions have been
split between some tinkering with maps (in Flash of all things) and reading and
engaging with a couple of informal responses to a chunk of the diss. Both
of these are productive and worthwhile, but for all of the good involved, they
are not much like the routine I’m accustomed to. Pum-pum-PUM, pum-pum-TUM. The
tempo is different.

And tomorrow!–the Friday before Spring Break–you’d think the Writing Center
would be a ghost town and those poor consultants (self-)assigned to work all day
would quietly drift around the place, doing whatever they wanted to fill the
time. But, no. By Wednesday afternoon, the entire docket was
filled–eight appointments coming between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Don’t you
people rest?

I’d mouse up and change some of what I’ve written here, but the batteries in
the wireless mouse have leaked out their last volt. To them I say, "I can

Over "break": map-tinkering and reading up for Chapter Five (which, with
a miracle, I can draft by my birthday for a perfect synchronization of
fiveliness in early May), laying to rest article revisions I’ve been neglecting,
reworking piece of Chapter Three for next month’s CCCC presentation, and, for
kicks, wallowing in NCAA conference tournaments. Should be enough to fend off