A rundown: looong day and there is much to list.

  • Is. is 18-months old today. Half-way through the omigoodness ones.
  • I began the morning in the writing center at 9:00 a.m. with four
    scheduled appointments between 9-5. By 10:00 a.m., my 9 o’clock hadn’t
    shown, but the remaining slots in my seven hours of Friday WC availability
    were filled. Lunch aside, I had seven appointments and just two
    no-shows, the one at 9 and another at 4:30.
  • Snow day? This warrants a snow day? The weather was a
    little bit snowy blowy and then freezy-rain-where’s-your-umblrella? and then
    drizzly Icee puddleslush today, but Ph. and I both managed to walk out of
    the house at 7:30 a.m., get into the car, and drive to his school without
    ever considering that school might be canceled. For what? At the
    school parking lot: where is everyone? This has never happened before.
    Today was the lamest Syracuse City School District cancellation in our 3.5
    years here. By a long shot.
  • Ph. dashed through a 25.4s 200-meters the other night in his leg of the
    4×200 relay over at Manley Fieldhouse. Said this was good enough to win his
    leg of the race and help the relay team to a second place finish out of
    twenty-eight schools.
  • Fri&ays between now and early May are wildcard work days. Whether
    or not I touch the diss on Fridays will depend entirely on how filled up the
    WC schedule becomes. ‘Course, this is also a way to keep my trips to
    campus down to two per week, so there are certain advantages in holding long
    Friday hours. Plus, the conversations today were encouraging.
    Out of the seven visits, three came from grad students working on various
    projects (cover letter, teaching philosophy, and a paper for an IT seminar).
    The four undergraduates were working at different stages of projects for
  • I had some vague notion that I would begin writing in earnest on Chapter
    Four in February, but today’s bookedness means that the February drafting
    push will properly begin on Monday. Between now and then, a sixty hour
    intermonth of Netheruary, the entire duration of which I intend to spend
  • I officially passed my qualifying exams
    one year
    . Does that ever seem like a looong time ago. Regrettably we
    did not celebrate this anniversary with Thai food nor any other special
    indulgence. Also, it seems sort of sad to look back on that entry and see 23
    congratulatory comments. If I’m counting right, I’ve received just 22
    comments in the intervening year. How’s that for blogospheric recession?
  • I didn’t have all that much time to get grumped up about it, but the
    AirOrange connection in the WC was slooow. Slow like it was
    starting early in its own celebration of Netheruary.


  1. Were you running Air Orange X? That’s the new deal now – they slowed the original A.O. way down a while ago.

    Sounds like Ph is doing very well. Give him a high five for me.

  2. I thought so, too. I’d like to see him continue to work at track, but I don’t know whether he’ll stick with it through his senior year next year.

    And Chris, I guess that could have been the problem, although the reason I logged into AirOrange and not AirOrange X was that the signal showed as being lower for X. I think I somehow got connected to AirOrange ZZZ. But I will try it again when I’m on campus next week, and I’ll bring a cable along in case the wifi continues to be subpar.

  3. Heh. I appreciate every last one of them. 😉

    “Better writer” sounds like a set up–especially since drafting a dissertation can provoke a soul to dig deeply for anything resembling “better.”

    Speaking of your writing, A., I’ve been meaning to drop you a note asking if I could glance a copy of your MA thesis. I think it might help me think about the stuff I am trying to do in Chapter Five (on mapping scholarship production-locations and regarding this as a networked phenomenon, etc.).

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