Pink, Purple, or Heliotrope

Somehow I missed this short–Boundin’–from Pixar when I saw The Incredibles (2004). After I finished the bagel and reading the funnies this morning, Is. and I watched the first seven or eight shorts on Pixar’s Short Animations DVD–a nice little gift from the recent holidays, and so we saw it again (for the first time?). Bound, bound, bound, and rebound. Watch this after ms., grant app., and conference proposal rejections?


  1. Love this! Especially the heliotrope/jackalope rhyme. My niece gave us the Pixar CD for Christmas, and I haven’t looked at it yet. I will NOW!

  2. I haven’t watched it all the way through, but there are several fun segments in the first half of the DVD. Is. likes–and asks for–the one with the snowman and the Bobby McFerrin track.

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