Snowing Here More Than I Likesacuse

Snow Day

Twenty-four hours and six-plus inches in to the season’s first
major snow event and it’s still coming down steadily. The accumulations meant a
snow day for D., Ph., and Is. And while I had strong, vivid dreams around
dawn that I would wake up to the News 10 Closings & Delays site posted above, my
dreams did not win the day (dreaming, I mean, of the item listed at the bottom
of the screen-grab more than of the weather map or the link to Clinton’s cranked
up "rhetoric"). I awoke to find that the (indoor) stairs leading up to the
office were snow-free and not the least bit slippery. I would characterize
the morning’s writing, on the other hand, as patchy, drifty, and slick. We have
not had any indoor snow yet (Lalo told us that last year they had traces of snow
blowing in through the eaves of the room that is now the office–a converted
attic–where I am now writing this). Nonetheless we are steadily learning about
the lack of insulation in the house where we now live. The North wind
pretty much blows undiminished through a couple of small draft-slits around
certain doors and windows.

Classes at SU are on as usual, which means I will soon
pile on a couple of layers, tie up my boots, and head over to campus for the
second-to-the-last class session of the semester. Planned: course evals
and the finishing touches on projects, due Thursday.