1. The blogosphere just isn’t the same as it was. What’s happening? Is Facebook taking over? Are we all too busy?

  2. A combination of factors, as you mention, Donna. But yes, I notice too that it has slowed. I suppose Facebook is to blame for some of it, and there’s also something to the shifting demands that sap some of the energy once spent blogging (dissertations, book projects, qualifying exams, new positions and institutions, etc.). Few of the people I always look forward to reading have given up altogether, so I continue to aggregate them and figure things could easily pick up between semesters.

    I asked CGB the other day whether he thought we’d see any more carnivals like the ones on Fulkerson and Trimbur, and we agreed that it was uncertain. Of course, I’m up for it whenever everyone else is (er, unless I’m really busy that week!).

  3. I think we’re all busy. And I think that blogging is growing up–at least, it isn’t the latest new toy on the block. I don’t know that Facebook will make that much of a dent on blogging–the two are so different from each other.

  4. Yea, busy. The end of the semester is upon us, and like many of you, I’m swamped with work. The I like the idea of blogging, that it’s not an everyday, mandatory thing to do . . .we do it as we can. I like that.

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