Field & Bleacher

What the kids were doing today:

vs. Binghamton, Oct. 6

vs. Binghamton, Oct. 6

I didn’t get around to taking any photos of Ph. until the second half, and although he played well, the unseasonably warm temps (a record, 85F and balmy) had everyone on the field pretty tuckered out by then. The topmost photo is of him running the right wing, getting ready to receive a pass from a teammate. The bottom photo came at the end of the match, which turned out to be a 4-1 win over Binghamton despite wrapping up seven minutes ahead of schedule due to lightning on the horizon. The middle clip–that’s Is. carefree-stepping to the end-of-game tunes. She’s been going to Toddler Tango sessions on most Saturday mornings, and this footage does indeed suggest that the sessions are paying off, no?


  1. Nice pics! It seems that soccer was in the air today. I actually had to eject a coach for disrespectful and beligerent behavior . . . I hope Ph’s game was a better time! And the toddler tango lessons? Paying off, indeed. 🙂

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