Daycare, Day Two


All done with your rice cereal and bananas?


Diaper change?


Jog with Y. to the park for few minutes on the swings?


No more books. It’s time for a nap.


Let’s put in a Baby Signs DVD. "This sign means cat…."


We’re just putzing around, setting the
Flickr zoo pool to
, and taking in a deep breath before the semestral paces descend on
our lives. D. and Ph. will be home late each afternoon from the camp they’re working.  I’d blog more, but Is. is only good for about three hours of
Baby Signs DVDs each morning.  And who can blame her? Of course, with her
burgeoning signcabulary, she can pretty well tell me what she wants (mixed in,
the occasional plea for "Ma!").  Maybe a stroll to Bruegger’s for a wheat
bagel snack this afternoon. (This webcam snapshot shows just how much fun (viz., sheer delight) we are
having while taking in all 16,905 images in the zoo slideshow.)