I have been slow to pick up on the personality and intelligences quizzes


others on my
blogroll, slow because I’ve been studying intensively before sitting down to
take each quiz.

The results are positive.  As far as I can tell, I actually have
a personality (despite rumors to the contrary) and my intelligence is not
singular but rather plural. Further, I have shifted from the ENFP profile I
scored half-a-lifetime ago in high school, to INFJ.  This change could
indicate that 1.) I no longer go to parties or think of myself as having many
close friends (also I am too embarrassed to participate in NFL Pick’em because
I honestly think the Lions are going to win most weeks) and 2.) I am less relaxed
(spontaneous, aloof, etc.) than I once was. 

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You might be impressed to learn that I have this personality type (for a
limited time only?) in common with Oprah, Mother Teresa, and
several more.