Cranial Inflation

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, the young ones dragged me to the Rosamond Gifford
Zoo here in Syracuse. We stood in front of the moose pen, while D. snapped a photograph.

Father's Day '07

It’s today’s entry (the best entry I’ve ever written on 6/18, by the way):
the posed scene, the photo touch-up, the dramatization of pride in the dad with
a head so misshapen as to be considered grotesque, a planted aberrance,
conspicuous statement. But when I asked D. to check the remade image and suggest the perfect caption just a minute
ago, without blinking, she said something like, "What? I don’t see what
you’ve changed."


  1. O.K., I admit it — I’m with D. on this one. I don’t notice much either. Ph. and Is. look good though! 🙂

  2. As long as you’re willing to compliment Ph. and Is., you’re welcome to comment here. I mean, I won’t ban the IP address or anything. 😉

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