It chills me to spend Easter Sunday–any Sunday in April for that
matter–bundled indoors away from the snow and cold. But that’s what I’ve
done today. To pass the time, I sat and read/wrote/graded projects (annotated
bibs plus) and book reviews from 205ers. Not altogether unpleasant
(waves of impressive stuff, in fact), but I probably should take more frequent
breaks. Walk away. Breathe deeply. Remember that a semester
relative to Time Eternal is comparable to one hundredth of the time it takes to
flick a light switch. On/Off?

Anyway, that’s enough. Busy week ahead. Find a place to live.
Revise and circulate the diss prospectus (set a date for another goal-line
defensive stand). Cap the "church league" regular season with a showdown
against Northwestern. Draft some CCCC ’08 proposalificence for collective
tuning. Conference with 205ers. Settle home-again travel arrangements from
C&W next month (trains out of Motown?). Post notes on Pemberton’s "Modeling."
Put in for fall teaching preference. And then on Tuesday….