More Spring, Less Break

Today marks the beginning of Spring Break. I can’t reliably predict the
future, but I have a strong hunch that instead of realizing a sweet harmony
between those two fine words, spring and break, the former will
far and away outshine the latter in the days to come: Forty-degree temps
(finally!) and a heapuva pile of work. I’m not sure any further elaboration is
due. In fact, that title right there is pretty well an entry unto itself.


  1. Agreed. “Vernal period during which there are no classes and much grading” just doesn’t roll off the tongue, does it?

    But any break is better than none.

  2. Definitely, I’ll take the break, even if it is puny next to the onset of spring. I probably won’t have the chance to say it very often, but I wish I was able to spend more time grading. Instead, teaching an online section of comp for seniors only means that I’ll be scratching my head over why so few students are turning anything in. Missing work, lots of missing work…and this means a whole other layer of administrative emails (finger-wagging, reminders of deadlines, missed and impending). Yuck.

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