Attention Plateaus

What is the attentional counterpart to a fitness plateau?

The fitness plateau happens when a workout routine goes flat. One answer,
then, is the anti-routine, a varied circuit stoked by variability, a notch above

Without going too far with the brain-muscle metaphor, I like the idea of
attention plateaus for the (inevitable?) flattening off of a given
project. Sure, some projects will have plateaus before ramping up again.
But attention plateaus account for the stall-out. Something like a precognitive
habitus at the point where it is a drain, applying a slow deceleration. Brake.

It goes not only to writing projects but to reading rhythms. A spark of
interest. Eventually, an attention plateau, a lull. Flattening, interest
dwindles. Also with RSS feeds. Could feed readers allow for this? Could it
include a feature that would allow me to table a feed so that it updates only
every two weeks while another one updates every day, and another updates every

Attention plateaus are not a permanent condition, right? Their impermanence
includes a built-in argument for the returns on disruption, variety and purposive
digression, like Stone’s "continuous partial attention."