The Bottom Tooth

While I’m on a roll with news about mouths: Baby-do (who also goes by Goo-goo
D) has the sharp nub of her first tooth showing. No. 25, central incisor.

No. 25. That’s the same tooth, in cahoots with its flesh-shredding partner, No. 24,
who incised my lip Tuesday night. Coincidence? And of course, by bottom
tooth, I mean low-down, good-for-nothing (‘cept chewing), rogue tooth.

Related: My lip is healing
nicely (although I think something is tripped up with the nerves running through
the lower lip region. From swelling? I don’t know. But when I
drop something, like I did when I was putting way folded laundry this
afternoon, I get an unusual, almost reflexive, twinge of pain in my lip.)