Trouble Shot

Even if the following fixes are only useful to one or two people, posting
them to the blog makes them differently available for searching and bookmarking.
Since I installed MT3.34, I ran across a couple of small snags. Nothing
too off-putting, really. Just bumps along the up-gradual way.

First, the new tagging features in MT3.3+ are, as I’ve said before, really
slick. But I was having trouble with the interface that allows me to merge
tags. Say I have two tags I want to merge, like "method" and "methods."
Okay? I click on one or the other and I the tag becomes editable. After I
apply changes, I can select "Rename," in which case it will summon the database
to see if the new tag already exists. If it does exist, a java popup asks
whether I want to proceed with the merge. If the revised tag doesn’t
exist, it goes ahead and applies the change. The other option, "cancel,"
does just that. Simple, eh?

Only, when I first attempted this process from Firefox, my browser of choice,
of course, the tag-revising process works the first time. Fiddling with
subsequent tags doesn’t work. The java popup wouldn’t appear. So I
thought, it’s java. I reinstalled the java add-on. No change.
Must be one of the browser extensions interfering, right (Greasemonkey? Notefish?)?
I disabled all of them. And one by one, closing and re-opening the browser
between each try, I re-enabled each one. Nothing. After a couple of
days of thinking that it didn’t matter that much (I could always use another
browser for the process), I tried switching to the default theme.
And that did the trick. The theme I was using (Azerty II) seemed to be
conflicting with the java routine. I don’t have a technical explanation,
but it’s fixed. So that’s that.

The other snag was really more of a limited feature. I was using the
MTkeywords2tags script
to convert, that’s right, keywords to tags. But rather than running the
script on an entire installation, I only wanted to run it on my exam notes blog.
Being somewhat of a perl dunce, I went ahead and emailed the author of the
script. And he was nice enough to get back to me with this solution.

In the .cgi file, replace

my $iter = MT::Entry->load_iter;


my $iter = MT::Entry->load_iter({ blog_id => [5,8] });

The numbers in the square brackets match with the blog IDs to be converted.
There. Two troubles, both of them troubleshot.