Finally, I’m emerging from the examatrix, relaxing the strainpuff closing in around my tired eyes and beginning to see the light fuzz of day. Solstice coming up? Oh.

Last Thursday morning I sat the first of two minor exams, and since that time, I’ve been doing very little besides writing through the final question–a week-long take-home essay (article length). This final piece is due before COB tomorrow, which means I still have another 30 hours to fiddle with it. I’m cautiously encouraged by what I’ve been able to do with this last question. I’d even go so far as to say that I’ve started to feel passionate about my answer, which has gone a smidgen longer than the 20-page goal.

Working on this final question has also helped me put the timed portions of the exam process in perspective. I’m fairly certain I produced a bona fide stinker last Thursday morning. No lie: clothespins and Vicks vaporub for the noses of any and all who dare to read it! But I understand now that these questions have been tough; they’ve asked me to do things I never expected, and as such, I’m closing out these exams with a (momentarily delusional?) sense of accomplishment.

Oh, right, my committee still has to read the answers. And there’ll be an oral defense sometime in late January (during which I will not wear my Lions t-shirt; defenseless and indefensible). Between now and tomorrow, I have yet another round or three of revisions to work through, and then a few days to reflect on those timed answers, which I’ve had very little chance to reconsider.


  1. It does warp your sense of time, doesn’t it? I had no idea it was the holidays, and am still totally shocked to see decorations everywhere.

    Glad to hear you’re almost done with writtens!

  2. Glad to see that you’ve come up for air. Look forward to some pics of the baby (and of course, her older brother)celebrating her first Christmas.
    Happy Holidays, Derek.

  3. It’s the holidays? 😉
    Yes, most definitely a warp. A warp, I should add, that I’m overjoyed to have behind me.

    I’ll try to add some pics to Flickr, Joanna. Should be plenty of photogenic moments in the coming days.

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