Today I was invited to join the Facebook group "Muellers of the World
Unite." After excitedly accepting, I read "the wall" (Facebook’s discussion
board feature) and learned that I am not alone in being mocked by the clever
many who have launched into full-blown impromptu renditions of the gone
scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: "Bueller, Bueller?"
Yeah, I know. Horrifying or hillarious, it remains a don’t-choke-on-your-tongue laugh riot
after twenty friggin’ years.

That’s right, "Muellers of the World Unite" is an invitation-only group
(still in its infancy, mind you, with merely 140 more than 200 members) largely concerned with
mispronunciation: as often mill-er or mull-er as the preferred
. The seventh cousins and other kin-folk are outraged by such
egregious treatments of the surname.

I kept on reading the fourteen wall-posts, and than, feeling good about being
surrounded by like-named people, I found this treasure in the "Recent News":
"This just in: Muellers are better then you."

No, I haven’t been invited to take a leadership role in the group. I
only ask that next time you are tempted to let fly with your impersonation of a
nasally teacher uncomprehending of delinquency from school–"Mueller?
Mueller"–tune the pronunciation.


  1. Yeah, Marcia, the Mueller group was…

    You are the contributor of the 1,500th comment at EWM.

    This means that I owe you a beer. Improbable timing, too, for this comment, considering no. 1000 came exactly 364 days ago.

    I was saying “Yeah, Marcia, the Mueller group was a good find. That it picked up over 200 members yesterday indicates just how pervasive the mispronunciation plague has become.”

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