I’m up to my chin in other writing tonight, so I want only to share a link to something I’ve been tinkering with for WRT302: Tabblo. It was released in May, and, well, I’m just now getting to it. Sure, most of what you can do with Tabblo, you can also do with basic HTML or a site like Flickr (actually, it’s interoperable with Flickr, so you can easily pull your Flickr images into Tabblo for other arrangements, poster printing, etc.). Basically, I’m thinking of Tabblo’s suitability for procedural documents using lots of screenshots. Tabblo utilizes a drag-n-drop process and makes it really easy to incorporate images repeatedly while isolating (through crop and zoom) features in the image. Below the fold I’ve dropped in the code Tabblo provides for sharing a spread. Nothing fancy in what I’ve scraped together: it’s the basic–i.e., experimental–Tabblo I created to prime 302ers on blogging with MT.

Also, for comparison, I’ve been keeping an eye on Instructables, although I have yet to set one up.

Heh, just as soon as I set this to publish, “Tabblo is currently offline.” I swear, it wasn’t me.

1. This brief tutorial demonstrates how you can create a new entry in your Movable Type weblog.


Begin at our course hub, 


In the right-hand menu, you’ll find a collection of links under the heading “WRT302 Weblogs.”


Select MT Login.

See my Tabblo>


  1. Yeah, I think it might be promising for certain kinds of imagework (like a photographic essay in 105) when there’s a limited opportunity to do expansive work with Photoshop. It’d be possible, I think, to fold Tabblo together with something like Snipshot to develop essays concerned with campus and surrounding areas. Maybe?

    “Other” writing just means that I was almost too busy working on something else (rel. to committee work) to drop in a blog entry. Other=reports and stuff.

    Sorry, too, to have missed you at GC. It was lightly attended, but we did manage some really good conversation about conferences proposals and talks.

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