Slow-growing Family

All babies drop a few ounces. They tell us that’s normal–a typical
response to the exhausting otherworldliness of post-utero living. But
babies shouldn’t lose length. Their heights, that is, ought to be stable
and then increase gradually. I mistakenly reported Is.’s height to be 19"
(or 1-7 if format makes any difference). But her official height, it turns
out, is 17.5" or 1-5 1/2. Nothing much to it. Good news: she’s not
shrinking. Instead, it was a case of whisper game in the delivery room.
And maybe it’s also a symptom of my few years handling sports information.
Even in my own basketball days, while I never topped 6-5, the program listed me
as 6-6. Maybe because I dominated like a giant one-inch taller than me would?
Maybe not.

Is.’s measurements were rendered official for us yesterday, the 6th, a full
five days after she was born. Yesterday, along with birth stats, her

"first photos"
finally showed up on
There you’ll find four of the photos taken on Wednesday by a staffer for who, because the hospital farms out baby photography, wheels a
camera- and computer-mounted cart around the maternity ward snapping photos and
taking down details about newborns. handles the
production and circulation of non-medical photographs, and pictures of babies
are a sure bet. But I can’t understand the delay in getting the pictures to the
site (unless it has something to do with stabilization). I know that Crouse
Hospital was busy; there were 16 babies in the nursery on D. and Is.’s last
night there (not to mention the other tots who were in rooms with their
mothers). But I can’t figure out why waited five days
to put "first photos" on "baby’s first web page," especially given their efforts
to sell "baby’s first photos." Given that the biggest rush of interest
comes just 24-48 hours after delivery and given that inexpensive digital cameras
and flickr accounts cut the time-to-web down to mere minutes, it doesn’t seem
like GF is keeping a contender’s pace, vying, that is, for the
sales-due-to-excitement during the most intense hours of attention following
delivery. Even if timeliness only meant an increase in site traffic (which
could then be used to pitch future accounts with other hospitals), it seems to
me like they’d do themselves a favor to upload the photos the same day they take