Day two of the ’06 Syracuse FPP Conference is winding down
(Next: dinner at six).  It’s a three day retreat focused on teaching and
professionalization hosted by SU’s graduate program.  In a nutshell:
general sessions, breakout sessions, good food and drink, and an amazing setting
deep in the Adirondacks. A mix of disciplines are represented here, so there
have been several lively conversations.  I’ll try to report on some of the
pleasant surprises and encouraging moments in the days ahead.  Here’s a
photo of Blue Mountain Lake from the main lodge. 

Minnowbrook: Main Lodge

And this is Castle Rock. Dianna, Chris, Eileen and I just hiked
there and back through downed trees, brambles and hoards of blackflies.

Adirondack Hike


  1. Blackflies notwithstanding (I assume they’re unpleasant), that looks like a beautiful place. Happy conferencing.

  2. In the end I was very satisfied to have attended. I wasn’t completely sure it would be worthwhile leading up to it. Had a few reservations. But it turned out to be really good to talk with folks from other fields, especially because we have so few interactions otherwise, even when our research overlaps.

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