Leashed: Yo-yo

After protracted deliberations, we have arrived at a proper name for the new
pup: Yoki.  It’s a slice of musyoki, "one who stays" or "one who returns"
in Kikamba; also the nickname
Ph. picked up
in Kamanzi last summer.  Associates, to a degree, with Hopi for "rain" and,
also, a small flub by one of our name researchers had us thinking it went along
with Japanese for "snow" and "lucky."  But then we learned the Japanese
word was actually "yuki."  So?

Dolphin Safe

To seal the deal, we weeded out support from

yoki is attentive
yoki is recovered
yoki is probably the most soft
yoki is born from hearts and minds
yoki is the child of Billy Bob Casino and Lori
yoki is in front of his line of fire
yoki is more than just a horse
yoki is the super
yoki is standing to one side
yoki is near
yoki is planning to build up supply

I admit to altering the "child of" bit because, well, we have that
information. That’s right.  Yoki’s folks, in West Plains, Mo., are really
called Billy Bob Casino and Lori.

Now, to teach the kid a few tricks.


  1. That dog is super cute. He looks a bit like a boxer pup. But hopefully he’s not quite as energetic as one. And he has an excellent name. You guys are going to work pretty hard to top that with the kids name. : )

  2. I am glad you posted a pic, Derek. After you described him to me yesterday I couldn’t picture him…but he’s so cute. I think the dog play date may not work since Reese is such a mean cuss, but I hope I can meet Yoki soon. Great name!

  3. I don’t think he’s quite as energetic as a boxer pup. Maybe close. But his teeth are still growing in, so there’s the tendency to chew. Everything.

    Let’s pick a time to get him together with Reese, Kelly. I know Ree-cee can be a bit bold, but that might be just the thing Y. needs to learn humility.

    We’re enjoying him, even if he does require almost-constant attention. He’s proven to be a decent pup in this first week (even if I was out of town for three days of it…heh).

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