Homage and Approbatives

No cause for putting off the inevitable. Among the eleven participants in the
3rd annual
Bloggers’ Mad Dance pool
not a single bracket has a remaining Final Four
team winning another game. It is, therefore, complete, finished, with points
totaled a full five days before the Final Four and a solid week before the
championship game. Winner: Chuck.
He joins the prideful elite: last year’s winner, Mike Jackson, and the winner in
’04, Jeff. In second this year, Ph.,
followed by Bill in third.
And then the rest:

NCAA Pick 'em Standings 2006

Purely for posterity’s sake, I’m going to share my final four
selections. I expect UCLA and Florida to meet in the finals, which
means I’m picking LSU and George Mason to advance. And I expect
LSU to beat George Mason in that match-up, so I’m picking George Mason to
win the big prize. Anti-impulse, of course, but the other methods weren’t
worth a damn this year.


  1. Lesson: next year, I will pick a name less immediately and obviously identifiable as myself. No guarantee my picks’ll be any better, of course…

  2. I think that lots of people had UConn or Duke going all the way. This was a really weird year, which is probably the only reason I won.

  3. Anyone can win this one. If Florida was not in the running, I’d root for the mid major. But alas,


  4. If play last weekend is any indication, I’m thinking the smart $$’s on LSU and Florida bucking it out for the championship…but I’m definitely hoping George Mason’s run continues (all the way??). Probably just the nostalgia in me, as a graduate of a mid-major school.

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