There Will Be No-Baking

I was standing in Home Depot this afternoon, browsing from item to item in
the faucet aerators section of aisle ten. Yeah, we rent, but the kitchen
faucet doesn’t have an aerator, and so it gushes out far more water than we need
or than is conservationally astute. I needed a fitting–a 15/16" double
threaded, male-male to cobble together the faucet and the swivel head aerator we
picked up the other day. But there were none. So I asked for help,
but instead of talking to someone prepared to answer customer questions, I got
an orange-frocked body in a trance: "We got nothing." No more discouraged,
I asked another clerk. He scanned the same aerator section–just like I’d
done twenty minutes before–and said, "We don’t have anything like that."
Damn. So I snapped open the flip-phone; dialed my big brother. He’d
have to know an alternative.

Only he didn’t answer. So I exchanged the swivel-head aerator for a
conventional one and stepped back into the cold.

Next, J. called me back. By this time, I was on my way to P&C–our most
recent grocery store of choice–for a few things to make meals come together in
the week ahead. J. said he’d been on the phone with our grandmother
because he was tracking down a recipe for nutter butters. Not the
peanut-shaped cookies in the red package. These nutter butters were a
treat from long ago. I would have claimed them as my favorite cookie for
most of my childhood. Inexplicably, I’d pretty well surrendered any notion
of them to the faded-forgottens of my memory, but since I was on the way to the
grocery store anyway, I asked J. for the recipe (it was too late for his wisdom
to rescue me from the aerator dilemma). Turns out the recipe–as my
grandma told it to him–was my mom’s. In fact, grandma read it to J. from
a copy my mom had handwritten many years ago. So I figured, sure, that’s
all the motive I need to pick up the ingredients and stir together a batch.
They’re no-bakes–perfect balled-up cookies and good for involving kids in the
kitchen. I came home and no-baked a batch tonight.

Nutter Butters

Into a bowl:

1 cup chunky peanut butter
2/3 cup honey
1/2 cup powdered milk
1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs (appr. one package yields this amount)

Nutter Butter No-bakes
Nutter Butter No-bakes II

Incorporate the ingredients as well as you can. Next, dip out a clump
and roll it into the shape of a

super ball
. Then drop it into a bowl of wheat germ or coconut, rolling
it until it is coated. Repeat over and over again until all of the mix is
used up. Also, for variety, I guess you can include a few chips (either
chocolate or b’scotch), but I don’t ever remember eating NBs with these
add-ons as a kid, and I can’t vouch for how it will turn out. Depending on
the size of the cookie balls, you can get between 36-48 from these measures.

On account of the time-suck I endured at Home Depot and losses by the Bears
and Colts, I can’t give the day a high score overall. But it most
definitely enjoyed a lift because of these cookies.


  1. I used to make these when I was a kid! Hadn’t thought about them in years, but I’ll have to whomp up a batch now. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. The cookies sound good! I’ve never heard of them. BTW, what I am about to suggest is more complex than a simple aerator; however, have you considered getting a Pur water filter? I have one and have been happy with it, and it might come with the necessary aerators to not only fix your problem, but provide a way to get cheaper-than-bottled, better quality water? Ok, this is probably too much of a Tim the Toolman Taylor solution, but I couldn’t resist. 🙂

  3. We have half-considered something more elaborate like a faucet attachment for water purification. It’s a good idea, and I’ll probably take a look at them next time I go to the hardware.

  4. Loved your blog on the no bake cookies and the pictures. Glad I thought to check out the blog this morning.

  5. There are still a few left; they haven’t dissapointed (I’m might go have one more right now, in fact). It was good fortune that J. was on the line with you when I called. Otherwise he might not have told me what he was up to and, well, the notion of making no-bakes might have missed altogether.

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