Wall Street Journal, A6

Kevin Delaney’s article, "Big Mother Is Watching: Tailing Teens on the Web,"
ran today on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.  It reports
on teenagers, families and weblogs–the blurring of public/private mixed up in
self-publishing for the variously scaled publics of the web.  Sure, the
article’s premise brushes with the criminalization of teenagers and the
stepped-up police-parentals when adolescents take to blogspace (surveillance,
spying, etc.), but it balances out in that blogs are never assigned the total
burden of responsibility for teenage underlife.  Probably won’t register
even faint trace on the public intellectual-o-meter, but I’m quoted in the
article (one-plus inches, fourth column).  And the best part: rather than
shaking my fist and cursing the danged kids with their wily wiredness, I had
something optimistic to add.

Missed it? You can still get a copy at the newsstand tomorrow for $1.50
(weekend edition).

Added: Full text of the article available here.