There: we’re finally living in

the new neighborhood
. The boxes and plastic bins were heavy; the furniture, we loaded
it onto the U-Haul truck despite persistent flurries throughout the day on
Wednesday (Ph. was great about sweeping the loading ramp between items).
With just a few small remnants left back at the old apartment, I’d say we’re
fully and finally moved in. Did you know U-Haul leases their
crappiest trucks for local moves? It’s true. Odometer showed over
181-thousand miles, and the cargospace was filthy (plus, broken tail light);
nonetheless, it managed to chug herky-jerky-like through the streets of E.
Syracuse (no more than a total of a few miles by the time we had it returned to
the store).

My latest favorite instrument: the appliance dolly. The controlled-turn
belts on the back of the dolly prevented the injuries and severe fatigue I would
have surely endured without the device. Because the belts lock after each
step-down, I repeatedly avoided the part I envisioned over and over where I slip and
tumble helplessly into a sprawlform of bruised and broken extremities.

Present plans: A restful evening (not that yesterday wasn’t restful; it
was…but the drive home was, uh, very very snowy…torment-by-blizzard, foot-per-hour snowy for the first 20 miles or so). With proper
motivation I’ll be back to deep and intensive bookishness tomorrow and Sunday–a
more focused read-n-write routine.

Oh, and you should pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal tomorrow.
There’ll be an article in it about weblogs. I haven’t read the story yet,
but I’ll try to say more about it once I do.


  1. And it’s over. Congratulations on surviving a move in midsemester–even though the New Media sat on the sidelines building snowmen and being no help.

  2. That’s right; no help from NM. But I’m so relieved to have the bulk of the work behind me that I’m excited to get back into school-mode to finish out the final two weeks of the semester. Goes without saying that I have a mountain of work to get going on.

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