Among the Shortcomings of New Media

New media is no help with

  • forming a voting bloc when the family is reduced to democratic channel-flipping.  Texas vs. West Virginia or crappy sitcom re-runs? I
    could’ve used another vote, NM.
  • packing and taping boxes.
  • carrying and loading boxes, furniture.
  • unloading and carrying boxes, furniture.
  • diffusing the weather system set to deliver several inches of fresh snow
    while we dollycart the heavy stuff into a truck (drive…drive) and then into the new pad.
  • delivering Ph.’s socks to the office in time for the start of gym

And, uh, these aren’t my notes on Manovich.  I’ll have those up v. soon,
however (end of the week?).


  1. Yeah, and if you’d been able to watch Texas-WVU, you’d have had to suffer through that traumatic conclusion in which Pittsnogle blew 2 foul shots and Texas won.

  2. I caught the low-lights on replay, but it would have been good to see the end of the game in its entirety. I’d have liked to see WV beat the Longhorns bc something tells me Texas is over-rated at No. 2.

  3. The football team redeemed the school’s honor on Thanksgiving night, trouncing Pitt. Next: South Florida. Then: who knows�the Cotton Bowl, where LSU will hand us our heads? (Arkansas has just failed in their mission of upsetting LSU, and I’m not too sanguine about our chances, either.)

  4. True. The Mountaineer footballers have had a good season. I’ve got to feel good about anybody’s team besides our very own Bad News Orange, now an all-time sucktastic 1-10. Always next year!

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