Maybe tomorrow I’ll get motoring with the blog again.  We handed in the
lease and deposit in exchange for keys to the new place yesterday mid-day. 
Instead of rushing home to pack boxes and get on with toting the first tiny
loads of stuff, we rode out to Green Lakes State Park for a walk around the deep
green water.  Later on, Ph., filling in for a friend with a broken arm,
played an indoor soccer match.  Full and busy, this weekend.  Over the
next ten days I’m going for the slow-food variety of moving–slow-moving,
carting a couple of loads each day, beginning with books. 

Deep Green

Besides the move, I don’t have any reason not to blog, so I’ll be forthcoming
with entries on Tingle’s Self-Development and College Writing and a few
pieces of Hansen’s New Philosophy for New Media.


  1. I’m a proponent of slow moving–or at least, piecemeal moving–it’s less overwhelming to cart little boxes or a few big ones at a time. Also, I want to let you know that I’ve enjoyed reading the blogging that you’ve been doing this semester–EWM is one of my “professional development” blogreads!

  2. I pulled fifteen bins of stored stuff from the attic this morning. Sure felt a lot like exercise, but what a relief that I could quit after forty minutes of climbing up and down the two flights of stairs with plastic bins of whoknowswhat. So yes, if moving must happen, piecemeal is the way.

    I’m glad you’re finding the entries useful. I’ve been trying to use the blog more and more for notes on the stuff I’m reading. I always have the feeling that I should contextualize more, make the entries more readable (this impulse comes just before I shrug off such feelings!). I’ve been experimenting with various tagging schemes like the delicious tags I added recently. Maybe it will start to yield unexpected interconnections.

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