Breakfast Theory

A few remnants for 691:  Theory as method: Reid’s 1989
cartoon, "Breakfast Theory: A Morning Methodology."

A Morning Methodology

And for daily fiber:

PBS Kids’ Freaky Flakes
.  P’shoped a EWM-brand box.  Plus,

, from the Detroit News, an article on Kelloggs.  Elsewhere
Homi Bhaba
talks about breakfast cereal and globalization.

Breakfast Theory

You know, spring of my senior year in high school, I had a
basketball tryout at Kellogg CC in Battle Creek, MI. 

Earlier today on ESPN News (playing low in the b’ground), the
anchor, commenting on Jason Kidd’s off-the-backboard oop to Richard
Jefferson in the Nets-Jazz game last night, said (about connecting up on the fast break) "That’s just good writing