Assorted Like A Pack of Skittles

  • Elbows out at SU:

    Somebody from the Laimbeer family
    is hooping for the Orange this winter.
  • Tech Access Queue: Add this–the
    hundred dollar laptop
    –to the rare examples of folks doing more about
    access than invoking it as an angle of technology critique.  I’ll
    continue to log
    when I run across a find, but they’re infrequent.  Raises tough
    questions of just how actionary access advocacy might be.
  • We’re Moving!  Late-semestercide, but, well, it’s time.  We’ll
    be closer to Ph.’s school and only a tiny distance farther away from mine.
    (Familial note: D.’s prepping an email with our new info.  Looks like we
    might finally switch to 315 cell numbers, too.)  
  • I Feel a Sore Throat Coming On!  For lunch, I’m strolling over
    to New Garden in Westcott and carrying home a gigantic hot-n-sour soup. 
  • All afternoon: spread out the Social Network Analysis stuff I’m putting
    together for Method~ologies.  Do a little bit of mix and match on the
    kitchen table. Patterns?
  • Collin
    and Jenny have posted photos
    from last week/end’s symposium on digital and visual rhetorics.  I was
    just thinking I ought to get my notes into blogable shape one of these days.