Qualms and Counter-qualms


1. Half.com of nothing.com equals nothing. When I ordered my books for fall
semester from half.com all the way back on August 5, I never would have
believed that one still would not be delivered as of today.

I’ve ordered
more than 50 books from half.com, and all of them (except the malodorous copy
of Comp in Four Keys) arrived as promised, in great shape.  Until
I ordered Sidewalk.  And then waited.  And sent an email to
the seller.  And waited.  And sent an email to half.com customer
service.  And another email to the seller.  Finally! a reply from
the seller.  "I’ll check its shipping status when I get to work." 
That was two weeks ago.  The seller is in NY.  Did you make it to
work?  Or do you work for half.com customer service?, because I haven’t
heard anything from anybody.  See, I’m supposed to be reading the
appendix for next week (what’s left for the week after that), and I still
don’t have a copy of the book, which means that I have to go to the bookstore
and buy another.

2. I
have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for unbearably sharp jabs of pain on the
left side of my neck.  They’re sporadic and come mostly late in the
day…after days of reading and computing and writing.  Everything I know
about pain hints at a pinched nerve (exacerbated by sitting poorly for hours
on end). First appt. since we’ve been in town, and I’m hoping for a
chiropractic referral (long torso+ hereditary back pain+ abominable
posture…accumulates to painful crooks).  But I need a proper metaphor
for the doc.  I’ve tentatively decided to go with "…like I was speared
by a throwing star."  But I’m open to better suggestions. 

And now, counter-qualms:

1. You can keep up with Ph.’s

soccer results
on the schedule I posted a few weeks ago.  They’re
faring well this season, and I’ve been updating the schedule with Ws and Ls. 
Yesterday they played a surprise match at home (not on the schedule until the
day before).  I’ve attended most of the matches this fall, but I had
projects to read and grade and a few other things to do at home, so I skipped. 
When he got back, I asked him how it went (a 1-0 win…closer than other
matches this season), then ribbed him with, "You got the goal?"  Sure
enough.  Figures I’d miss the one game when….  And today–a day
off from practice–after I picked Ph. up from school, he told me he’s thinking
more seriously than ever about starting a weblog.  The concept is fuzzy
(the time to really learn how everything works, including the design, even
more ethereal), but we settled on a snappy domain name (goalorio.us), and it’s
pointing here temporarily.  Goalorio.us on soccer-related stuff. 
Can’t go wrong with that.

2. Even if you’re not a Washington Wizards fan–or
maybe especially because you’re not a Washington Wizards fan, check out
Etan Thomas’s
talk last weekend (via). 
Fine with me if you skimp on reading the comments at True Hoop, but then you
wouldn’t know what’s in them. 

3. Lost in exactly one hour (2.1) and exactly two hours (2.2). Even if
I have to rest my neck on couch pillows to make it through two hours of

My next entry at EWM had better be reading notes on Mitchell’s Picture Theory or
else(!) I’m slacking.