Might Be Nothing

But I’m going to call it "Compositional Remainders in Four Poles."  What
is it?  The papery staplecake wrapping completely around the four telephone
poles at the intersection of

Westcott and Euclid

These fading sprays of tacked paper are visible at the most desirable
locations–public, visible, heavily trafficked.  Why aren’t there any
notices on these four poles today?  Who tears down the signs?  How
many years of printed signs are layered here?

More we can say about it? Co-concocted at a busy streetcorner by staplers and
notice-pullers (the removers of the "Car 4 Sale 145K runs great").  Made
without purposeful making.  Residua (this, history?) and detritus; a
dead-pulpy reunion: unreadable remainders of remainders of…. An archive
of public writing. A shabby, encrusted blanket of desperation writ: lost dog,
urgent sublet, have you seen this cat?, $$$ painting houses.

 Pole 1: SW
 Poles 2 and 3: NE

Pole 4: NW

Might be nothing. But if it’s a nothing, that won’t explain why I
can’t stop looking at it every time I walk or drive by, why I can’t stop feeling
like it makes the intersection more intersected. (The image below, a close-up of
the first pole.)

Remainder or One History of Discourse


  1. I’m surprised you’d have us erase it, A. I was going for something less like neighborhood cleanup and more like what about this? Shine a spotlight on it: the featured Westcott writing exhibit without a sponsor (unauthorized even?). It’s treated like a free space for fliers and announcements. There’s a trace of posters, yet no posters. Only this strange, persistant residue that has accumulated over many months (even years?)–a shreded invitation to future sign-makers.

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