Images Ovr-flowing

I have exceeded my free Flickr account–split the seams, spilt the banks. 
The free version holds
200 active images, and, when you pass 200,
it tucks the
oldest pics out of sight. Bummr.  Because I’m so thoroughly hooked on
Flickr, I went ahead and dropped the few bucks they collect to switch me to the
upgraded "pro" account.  Now I only wish that instead of "pro," I was
classed as a "spendthrift hack amateur."  That’d be closr to the truth. With
the upgraded account (and its whopping 2GB of storage per month), I have room
for even more fine pics, such as this one from Erie Blvd. earlyr today. 

Fun Crime


  1. I’d seen the billboards before, but lately somebody–a criminal on the loose, no doubt–sprayed the sign with “fun.” I’ve been awaiting the second and third installments of the locally sponsored ad campaign which will plaster the Syracuse roadsides with similar finger-wagging about murder, embezzlement and jaywalking. And you can imagine how unsafe we felt pulling over at Excalibur Used Cars to get the photo of the crime scene.

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