Ah, Moving

Slowly, but I did help friends move all of their belongings today, the second
such lent hand in recent weeks.  I like to think of it as good exercise,
exhilarating advilarating. The humidity in Central New York:
hot air pudding!  Today’s three shirts tell of two day-themes: pourousness
and sweat.  We loaded the Penske here in Syracuse this morning, then
unloaded it in Ithaca in the heat of the day.  Quite a book collection
they’ve got. 

Because they were re-using boxes from a previous move, I was keying on the
box label mix-n-mismatch.  The "Misc.
Stuff" tags had me wondering just how miscellaneous the books inside were. 
And to stack the hand-truck with three boxes:  Top (labeled): video tapes.
Middle: (labeled): super heavy. Bottom (labeled): Books (theory).  Remember
I was hotter than the searing red lava-stuff of lower hell, and so I was
surviving the day on bemusing hallucinations about box contents.  Wonder
what’s in here?