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I hope the rest of the G8 Summit

goes better
for the president.  Bush wasn’t hurt; the status of the
presidential bike is less certain: "The presidential bike suffered some damage,
McClellan said, so Bush rode back to the hotel in a Secret Service vehicle." 
Bush was wearing a helmet (it’d be inappropriate to speculate about why the
helmet). But did I hear on NPR that this is his second bicycle
spill in recent years?  What the hell?


  1. It’s a perfect occasion for picking up a new bike, anyway. For the sake of his bicycling dignity (if there’s any remaining), he could get something more rideable.

  2. This guy was, allegedly, once a jet pilot?

    Things that make you go Hmmmmm?

    I’ve been rid’n bikes since I was a kid and am nearly as old da prez. Never had an accident, even with no hands while stand’n on the seat!

    Can he chew gum & tie his shoes at the same time?


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