I’m safely in Albuquerque, even if the alarm clock didn’t go off at 5:00 a.m. as programmed and even if, upon arrival here in the southwest, my cell phone lapsed into a spazmodacular fit of non-connectivity. Technically, the alarm clock did go off this morning, but the speakers didn’t emit any sound. D. popped up at 5:35 a.m. to ask me if I meant to be sleeping in. Yeah. Didn’t mean it. And the alarm clock is close to twenty years old. Time to make it to the airport by 6:00 a.m. for five hours of flying across the country?

I made the flight, thank goodness (who would’ve guessed we only live eight minutes from Hancock International when all the traffic lights sync green?). In Atlanta, delayed an hour. The Delta rep explained that service crews were replacing seat cushions, but I didn’t get the rest of the story.

I know this is a lame, mad-dash entry. Best I could do. Plus, I’m keen on two things: in-flight photos and blogging the Native Vision camp. (I also wrote a long entry on genre on the plane; it can wait).

About the cell phone: I dialed D. from a pay phone. Asked her to call my cell (which was refusing to reset, just cycling on “Calling Voicemail”). Much to my relief, it snapped out of it, and I was able to call for the bus ride to the hotel.

Caught up with several colleagues and friends from my former U. this evening. The camp officially starts tomorrow. At 8:00 a.m. we’re heading to the San Felipe Pueblo. After that we’ll be at Bernallilo H.S. for the opening ceremony. This is the ninth year for the camp. They announced an anticipated record attendance of 750 kids this time. Considering that sixteen of us will work with about 300 kids in three gyms for basketball clinics and that the first three hour session starts tomorrow afternoon–I’d better get to sleep.


  1. the same thing happened to me last week! we set the alarm for 330PM instead of 330AM and got into Indy International at 6AM, able to watch our plane take off. We got stuck in Cincy for an extra 6 hours, but made it to Portland, on time, still half a day before the Woofl conference. good luck to you!

  2. here’s me wishing i was you. here’s me thinking about mooching autographs.

    keep those elbows in and don’t let anybody tell you to get down into the post 🙂

  3. The alarm clock’s still all fritzed out. Was time for a new one anyway. Twenty years from an alarm clock is pretty good.

    And Mike, I didn’t manage to take any shots in the game, but I did play at the point in the third lineup. No need to run the full length of the course when you can orchestrate a few passes, quick ball reversals.

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