The Roselius Fog

Symptoms: faint and dingy-feeling headache, irritability, cravings, mild and
temporary (but noticeable) shift in blood pressure. 

I’m now enduring a self-induced
Fog.  Feeling it.  It’s the name I’m giving to caffeine
detox.  Fifty hours now, caffeine free.  Not a single soda.  Not
a sip of coffee.  Not a nibble of chocolate. 

Roselius is the German scientist credited with salvaging some bad coffee
beans back in 1906 and finding a decaffeination process as a result.  In my
present state, how can you blame me for not researching it more in-depth than


The purge is temporary.  I figured I’d lay off the usual routine of
morning coffee and an afternoon caffeinated drink for the next ten days, then
allow myself one or the other less regularly.  Over the past year I’ve
gradually given in to a whole line of succulent caffeinated drinks, fallen in
with a robust caffeine addiction.  In the never-ending battle between
exhaustion and spry wakefulness (late-early reading, etc.), a proven ally in

With this I say farewell to you, caffeine.  But it’s not good-bye
forever.  ; )


  1. You’re boldly going to a place I’ve never been before–the caffeine -free galaxy. I am in awe of you. And I like your blog’s new look. Reminds me of. . .stars. . .Starbucks! ; )

  2. I have my fingers crossed that the worst is behind me. This morning was the low of lows: detox and allergies. Oof-ah. But it’s been a busy day–plenty of other stuff to preoccupy me.

    To mention Starbucks, Joanna–that’s playing dirty. Not nice! Reason enough to change the background image. Again.

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