Disturbance Report I

6:29 a.m.  Hop up, tidy the bedcovers.
6:31 a.m.  Flick on the laptop.  Three comments in the nighttime
hours.  Cool.
6:45 a.m. Good morning, Ph. (D. was already up and about).
7:20 a.m.  Prepare for shower.  Discover plugged shower drain.
7:25 a.m. Commence vigorous plunging.  Curse the drain-stopper cap allowing
the pipe to breath. "$%^& you, drain-stopper cap!"
7:31 a.m. Fever pitch plunging.  Breaking a sweat, new found back pains.
7:32 a.m.  Wearing a towel, search the basement for hand auger.  Did
we sell it in the garage sale last summer? 
7:45 a.m. Shower in ankle deep crud-water. Disgusting, I know, but what the hell
was I supposed to do?
8:01 a.m. In an effort to get back on track, I refresh on De Certau for a few
minutes.  Hermeneutics of the Other…and "A Variant: Hagio-graphical
Edification": "Thus hagiography enters into ecclesiastical literature only
through effraction; in other words, through the back door" (274). And so on.
8:42 a.m.  See a penny on the sidewalk; keep on walking.
8:45 a.m.  (On the walk to campus) Beautiful day! One…two…three
9:01 a.m. Coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.  Hope!
9:09 a.m. Bagel and banana from Blinker.
9:13 a.m.  In the midst of peeling the banana, it broke, toppling from the
place where I was opening it to the keyboard of my laptop. 
9:31 a.m. CCR 611 Composition Histories


  1. but it *was* a beautiful morning for a walk!! blisters and all, I’d say.

    btw: fever-pitch-plunging in a towel image had me rotfl. 🙂 sorry to find humor in your misfortune. 🙂

  2. I could brew some at home and carry it along, but being on foot doesn’t leave me with so many options. DD is along the way–that or stuff that’s even worse. I was just happy to have coffee (and I confess to being mesmerized with all the raving about DD coffee around here).

    Great day for being out and about, mm-hmm. But starting the day with a gunked-up tub threw me off. I’m waiting on a few glugs of Liquid Plumbr to melt the obstruction into a nice passable gel. Waiting. And hoping. Because once the acid’s in the mix, there’ll be no more splashing around with the plunger.

  3. I guess that by numbering it Disturbance Report I, I set the stage for a sequel, yeah? For another day, another day. Without answeing, I would like you to know, however, that the topmost highlight of my day came while walking back to campus around lunch time. Ph. (who had a half day at school) was along on the way, coming to campus to watch DVDs in my office all afternoon. When we walked up, a huge gust of wind blew over a sign staked in front of Hall of Languages; the sign was advertising the SU fashion show tonight, and it was particle board (press board?) cut to resemble the figure of a model, I guess. Then the wind blew–snapped it over at the ankles, right in front of us. So much unanticipated fun in witnessing that.

  4. If I tol ya once, I tol ya a tousand times, pour bio-enzyme down toes drains on a regular basis!

    So, from one old, former insurance adjuster to a less older former insurance adjuster, what was the cause? Was there water damage, and a coverable claim?

    If it’s been said once, it’s been said a tousand times, “Water always wins! Look at the Grand Canyon!”

    However, in your case, it’s more like the story of Noah’s Ark. Did Noah have a plunger on the Ark?

    That reminds me of a story. Back in 1968 when I was a young deckhand working on the lakes, we were in a little bit of a gale. The ships hull was under a lot of stress and a rivot poped out (the 3/4″ d. steel pin was sheared off due to the force of the storm). The first mate took a broom handle and shoved it into the hole, thereby stopping the flow of water.

    Broom handles, plunger handles, things that make ya go hmmmm? Nothing more than implements that create blisters. Things that make ya go hmmm….

  5. The bio-enzyme goes in the drain? Christ sakes, Dad, I knew there was an important clue missing. I never have all the information I need, you know? And I haven’t had a thought about insurance claims since we sold the house. Funny how relaxing it is being a renter, other than Landlord’s dog raising a helluva noise while he tussles with his bone on the floor upstairs–our ceiling.

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