Re United

United Airlines finally (finally!) delivered my lost/found bag last night
at 11:15 p.m., after nearly 72 hours on "priority search" status.  They
called around 8:30 to tell me it’d be brought to the door no later than ten
o’clock.  I’m not
the first to bemoan UA, but the service and
responsiveness over the past few days has been deplorable.  Lesson learned is
never ever again to use Chicago as a connecting hub on United if I can avoid it. 
And so I’m unpacking, laundering, and so on. If you’ve put off unloading your
bags as a form of protest or as a gesture of empathetic collegiality, friendship
or whatever, you can go ahead and unpack, put your stuff back in its rightful


  1. Glad to hear the luggage made it back! I kept seeing your comments on various blogs, indicating you were still waiting, and was feeling very sad for you. So happy laundering.

    Great meeting you at the SIG! And Clancy even has a photo to commemorate it.

  2. Thanks, Donna. It was good to meet you too. The return of luggage is one of those unrewarding rewards. I’m terrible about unpacking; it seems so easy to put off.

  3. Derek, United sucks. There’s no other term for it. I usually fly United and have had so many problems with things that would actually be fairly easy to fix if they cared, like seat assignments being magically lost in the computer system. I flew to San Fran on Frontier this time and don’t know if I can every go back to United. Frontier got my seat assignment right, fed me, delivered my luggage to the same place they delivered me, and the flight staff was nice to my toddler who was flying with me. Glad you got your luggage back. Liz

  4. It’s a relief to have it behind me, Liz. Looking back, I feel like I complained too much–got nasty riled up with one or two cust. service folks. It presents the whole problem of huge organizations in which none of the workers have any real agency in systemic failures. I’m not a frequent flyer, but in two or three flights each year over the last ten years, I’ve never seen anything close to this. I can understand weather interference, but just cancelling flights, then putting passengers on stand-by status when the next two days are oversold. Indeed, United is a mess. Just glad to be home now, luggage intact.

  5. United is doomed and employees of United make no effort to satisfy their customers because of this. Do you think that being positive might help pull your Company out of dispair?? If United employees hate their jobs so much, why dont they become proactive and find something else as a career. I have boycotted United for the past two years, and will do everything in my power to never fly with them again.

  6. Well, I’m definitely finished with United for as long as that doesn’t stop me from getting where I need to go. Talking over a trip I’m making to Albequerque in June, my only conditions were no connections in Chicago and no flights with United–if at all possible.

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