A Brief Photographic Comment on Returning to Syracuse


It’s a comment more on the cliff face of a two-hour afternoon meeting combined with break-intensified reading-writing-teaching work resuming today than on anything else. I’ve posted

the rest
of my San Francisco photos to Flickr.  There’s more to say
about the conference, but take the photo-slide show as a photographic-essay,
because I’m not too sure if/when I’ll get notes to the blog.  Several
others have more complete,
than my fanned out notes could ever supplement, anyway.  So go
them all. 
And know that I enjoyed an exhilaratingly good, enriching (if exhausting) time. 
And that I hope my precious luggage finds its way home soon.


  1. Nice slide show! I especially liked the explanatory English subtitle on the buns. I liked the mix of vistas and particulars. Nice memories. I do love that city.

  2. Thanks, Chris. I had a few minutes to spare on the walk back to the hotel on Saturday morning, and it had stopped raining long enough for me to get a few shots. Wish I’d had more time to enjoy the city.

  3. I loved the pictures, too. I also enjoyed “big plain bun.” That was my favorite by far.

  4. A Jesus Action Figure??? Interesting and unusual – I have never seen one of those. Glad you made it back home and that your luggage finally showed up. I am with the lady who likes Frontier. We have flown with them several times and they have always been on time with no problems. I also avoid United, if possible. Visiting UW-Madison March 31 – April 3 and Duke University April 7 – 10. Hope there are no complications like you had. Decision day is April 15, but you probably know that from last year when you went through all this. We continue to enjoy the blog.

  5. Yep, Jesus. Just as odd was the three-headed philosopher-cynic hanging on the next rack over. Unfortunately Syracuse has limited airline options being a smaller airport. Hope the visiting days go well.

  6. I didn’t realize how lovely the saki cups were. Nice. Lin – there’s a psych prof here who collects action figures, including Mormon ones. My favorite: his lecture on Freud is accompanied by a Freud action figure, with which he demonstrates that a) a cigar is just a cigar, and b) Freud isn’t very flexible.

  7. Yeah, Carolyn. Thankfully I wasn’t alone in emptying the sake cups. I didn’t buy one of the Jesus toys, but I’m interested to see a diversifying range of action figures. I might have to make use the idea of bringing in an action figure as a prop in a conf. talk.

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