Not because I picked up a

by this name at B&N yesterday afternoon, using up the last few bucks
from a gift card given to me several months ago as a going away present from my
athletics gig back in KC, and not because Ph. was materially doppel-ed in
his indoor soccer match early this afternoon, although no. 2 did deliver both
goals in a 2-1 win in this the second match of the season, and not because last
night’s restaurant manager rudely dimmed the lights while I stood and read chs.
1 and 2 with the when-will-it-flicker-and-buzz-a-table’s-ready disc inert in my
right hand, waiting for D. to return from the store where she was buying
miniature wire glasses and a tiny straw hat for performing a puppet reading the
one about the old lady and the fly-spider-bird-cat-dog-cow-horse, but instead,
entanglement because the camera, which wouldn’t produce many quality
shots through the soccer netting and plexiglass, groped this one of Ph. divided
and multiplied, and also because I keep thinking about
this: simply-simply "a phenomenon in which two [or more?] entities are
inexorably linked no matter how far away from each other they may be" (1).