On the walk to campus Tuesday morning, I carried along the camera, intending
to snap up a few digipics of the fresh snow on trees, covered paths and whatnot. 
I shot all the ones I wanted, but then, just as I passed onto campus, low and
behold a coveted, rarely spotted Syracuse Banana truck rolled up from a side
street, mush-braking to a squeaking, slushy halt just in time for me to pass in
front (walker’s privilege on campus, ordinarily, and a friendly wave from Driver
to keep me in motion).  But knowing that I don’t see Syracuse Banana trucks
often and knowing that I might not have another chance to record the sighting, I
yanked the camera from its case and grabbed this image from an over-the-shoulder
half-turn.  Click!

Full line of fresh fruits and vegetables, daily delivery to
restaurants & institutions.  No, this isn’t a one-fruit town, if you
ever supposed it was.


  1. I’d spotted it a time or two before, but yeah, the truck is one of the more appealing oddities I’ve seen on my daily trudge to campus and back.

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